ASP.NET MVC 5 with Bootstrap and Knockout.js, Munro, Jamie promocja 2022

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Producent:O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA
Kategoria:Literatura obcojęzyczna
ISBN 9781491914397
Oprawa miękka
Autor Munro, Jamie
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media, Inc, USA
Ilość stron 278
Rok wydania 2015


Learn how to bring server-side dynamic web content and responsive web design together with easy-to-use web forms. This practical book shows experienced web developers how to combine the ASP.NET MVC server-side language with the Bootstrap front-end framework and Knockout.js - the JavaScript implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel pattern - to build dynamic sites that work and display well on any resolution, desktop or mobile. You'll learn how to enhance responsiveness with client-side data bindings that respond to user actions. If you have experience with ASP.NET or another server-side language, this book will help you save development time aby building and maintaining only one product.