Electrodynamics promocja 2019

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Kategoria:Literatura obcojęzyczna
ISBN 9783642173806


This book is devoted to the fundamentals of Classical Electrodynamics, one of the most beautiful and productive theories in physics. A general survey on the applicability of physical theories shows that only few theories can be compared to Electrodynamics. Practically, almost all electric and electronic devices used around the World are based on the electromagnetic field theory. It was Maxwell who created, for the first time, a unified description of the electric and magnetic phenomena in his electromagnetic field theory. Remarkably, Maxwell s theory contained in itself also the relativistic invariance of the Special Relativity, a fact which was discovered only a few decades later. The book is intended for students at the level of undergraduate and graduate studies in physics, engineering and for researchers working in related subjects. The Authors believe that the reader will not just acquire knowledge, but will also grasp the beauty of theoretical physics. A set of about 130 solved and proposed problems help to attain this aim.