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Producent:Kodansha America, Inc
Kategoria:Literatura obcojęzyczna
ISBN 9781568364100
Oprawa twarda
Ilość stron 720
Rok wydania 2013


David A. Hall, one of today's foremost experts on Japanese combative culture, combines hands-on experience in a wide variety of martial traditions with an academic and religious background to produce this landmark work. "The Encyclopedia of Japanese Martial Arts" is an exhaustive, impeccably researched reference offering information about everything there is to know on the subject, from adauchi (a vendetta) to zanshin (state of focused vigilance before, during, and after executing a technique or combative form). The volume opens with several sections to help make using the Encyclopedia as efficient and effective as possible: Abbreviations, Quick Guide to Weapons and Systems, Historical Eras, guides to the Entries and Lineage Charts, and A Note on the Japanese Language and Communication Style. The Encyclopedia itself, which runs for more than 625 pages and contains around 4,000 entries arranged alphabetically with concise definitions, covers all aspects the many different martial arts that have developed in Japan.Readers will find entries on hundreds of classical martial arts schools and over 50 detailed lineages of these schools; over 300 combative systems; the master martial artists (both ancient and modern); and the roles played aby Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, and Shugendo in shaping the spiritual and cultural lives of Japanese warriors. Following the main portion of the work are several Appendices (Traditional East Asian Numbering Systems and Ancient Period Military Organisation), as well as a Selected Bibliography; and character indexes (General, Chinese, English, and Sanskrit) containing around 6,000 terms. With its vast wealth of information and practical, user-friendly organisation, "The Encyclopedia of Japanese Martial Arts" is sure to become the essential reference for the beginning martial artist seeking an introduction to the basics, as well as for the advanced student who wants a deeper understanding of the historical, spiritual and combative origins of the many different disciplines and schools.Additionally, the book is perfect for scholars and researchers -who will appreciate the access to material previously unavailable in English- as well as for reference libraries and Asian studies and language departments.