English File: Beginner: MultiPack A with iTutor and iChecker (2015) promocja 2020

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Producent:Oxford University Press
Kategoria:Literatura obcojęzyczna
ISBN 9780194501897
Oprawa miękka
Autor Latham-Koenig Christina, Oxenden Clive
Wydawnictwo Oxford University Press
Ilość stron 202
Rok wydania 2015


The English File Multipack A and B Student's Book has twelve Files in total. Each File is organised like this:§§A and B lessons§Each File contains two two-page lessons which present and practice Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation with a balance of reading and listening activities, and lots of opportunities for speaking. These lessons have clear references to the Grammar Bank, Vocabulary Bank, and Sound Bank at the back of the book. Practical English§Every two Files (starting from File 1) there is a two-page lesson which teaches high-frequency, everyday English (e.g. Language for spelling your name, booking a table or telling the time) and social English (useful phrases like That's right and I'm really sorry). Inntegrated into every Practical English lesson is a motivating drama which can be found on the Class DVD, on iTools and on the iTutor. Revise & Check§Every two Files (starting from File 2) there is a two-page section revising Grammar, ocabulary and Pronunciation of each File and providing Reading, Listening and Speaking Can you....? Challenges to show students what they can achieve. There are also two videos in Revise & Check: (1) In the street interviews which give the students the opportunity to listen to and§understand authentic, spontaneous language which is suitable for this level; and (2) short films that extend the Student's Book topics and which are filmed especially for English File. These are also available as audio files on the Class audio CD. The back of the Student's Book§The lessons contain references to these sections: Communication, Writing, Listening, Grammar Bank, Vocabulary Bank, and Sound Bank.