Sustainable Production: Novel Trends in Energy, Environment and Material Systems promocja 2020

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Producent:Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Kategoria:Literatura obcojęzyczna
ISBN 9783030112738


This book highlights recent research on sustainable production. In today's manufacturing industry, cleaner production has become a central goal. "Sustainable production" describes activities that pose no threat to future generations and are not pursued at their expense. In addition, sustainable production is a concept that can improve environmental performance and focuses on technical aspects that can be used to improve efficiency and productivity. Sustainable production is not limited to the manufacturing sector, but affects all production sectors including energy, environment, and material systems - all of which face significant challenges in connection with sustainability, e.g. Efforts to reduce production's impact on the environment and to manage health and safety impacts. Key means of reducing environmental pollution from manufacturing involve reducing the main resources used in production (metals used in the machining processes, fluids/oils in production, water, and energy).