Hurakan Makaroniarka nastawna | 6x 1,8 l promocja 2022

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Kategoria:Makaroniarki gastronomiczne


Makaroniarka nastawna | 6x 1,8 l, PASTA COOKER HURAKAN HKN-EKT60 is used for good-quality and fast production of pasta, dough products, dumplings, rice, vegetables, sausages, eggs, shrimp and many other products.

The pasta cooker is used in public catering, fast food restaurants and food stands. The body is made of stainless steel. The kit includes a cover and six cylindrical baskets (one basket has a diameter of 130 mm, depth 140 mm, volume 1.8 l).

The cooking temperature ranges from 50 to 110°C. The water is filled manually, and there are three taps for water discharge. The pasta cooker has dimensions of 590x540x450 mm. Powered aby 230 V. Maximum power consumption: 6 kW.

The total weight of the equipment is 17 kg. Brand, Hurakan, Height (mm), 450, Length (mm), 590, Width (mm), 540, Power (kW), 6, Net Weight (kg), 17