Skeleton Crew Stephen King, oprawa miękka promocja 2021

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Kategoria:Pozostałe książki
ISBN 9781444723205
Oprawa miękka
Autor King Stephen
Wydawnictwo Hodder And Stoughton
Ilość stron 772
Rok wydania 2012


Hold tight. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. Just don't let go of my arm...Unrivalled master of suspense Stephen King takes the unsuspecting reader on a fantastic journey through the dark shadows of our innermost fears.

Do the dead sing? In this bumper collection of chilling tales, which includes the brilliant story adapted into the acclaimed movie The Mist, we meet: a woman who has never crossed The Reach, the water dividing her from the mainland; a gramma who only wants to hug little George, even after she is dead; an innocent looking toy with sinister powers; and a primeval sea creture with an insatiable appetite.